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Server is not able to validate Angular Client [IdentityServer]


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Oct 17, 2018
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So I have the following setup:

Frontend: AngularJS App

Backend: WebApi with Identity Server to validate clients

In my Backend I create a new in-memory client like so:

new Client
    Enabled = true,
    ClientId = "myapp.mycompany",
    ClientUri = "https://myapp.mycompany.com",
    ClientName = "My Client",
    Flow = Flows.Implicit,
    AllowAccessToAllScopes = true,
    IdentityTokenLifetime = 300,
    AccessTokenLifetime = 3600,
    RequireConsent = false,
    RedirectUris = new List<string>
    PostLogoutRedirectUris = new List<string>
In my front-end I have the following code that declares the client, I use the oidc-token-manager.js client

var authority = 'https://sts.mycompany.com/identity';

    return {
        baseUri: protocol,
        tokenConfig: {
        'client_id': 'myapp.mycompany',
        'authority': authority,
        'redirect_uri': 'https://myapp.mycompany.com/assets/idSrv/callback.html',
        'post_logout_redirect_uri': 'https://myapp.mycompany.com/index.html',
        'response_type': 'id_token token',
        'scope': 'openid profile roleScope webApiScope',
        'silent_redirect_uri': 'https://myapp.mycompany.com/assets/idSrv/silentrefreshframe.html',
        'silent_renew': true
    isDebugging: isDebugging
When I try to access my website at:


I get the following error:

> The client application is not known or is not authorized.

I have enabled logging, this is what I get:

    "Unknown client or not enabled: myapp.mycompany"
         "RedirectUri": "https://myapp.mycompany.com/assets/idSrv/callback.html",
         "SubjectId": "unknown",
         "Flow": "AuthorizationCode",
         "RequestedScopes": "",
         "Raw": {
            "state": "18141519257414835",
            "nonce": "8585758378803323",
            "client_id": "myapp.mycompany",
            "redirect_uri": "https://myapp.mycompany.com/assets/idSrv/callback.html",
            "response_type": "id_token token",
            "scope": "openid profile roleScope webApiScope"

End authorize request
    3001: "Endpoint failure" / "Endpoints" (Failure), Context:  EventContext { ..., Details: EndpointDetail { EndpointName: "authorize"  }C# .NET: Server is not able to validate Angular Client [IdentityServer]
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