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Reading and processing zip file


New member
Jan 21, 2014
Programming Experience
hi i am task to write a console application to get a zip file from the SFTP server, process the files and upload it to server

the folder structure zip file is

- firstFolder
- firstChild.zip
- file1.pdf
- file2.pdf
- file3.pdf
- file4.pdf​
- secondFolder
- secondChild.zip
- file5.pdf
- file6.pdf
- file7.pdf
- file8.pdf​

i am required to upload file1.pdf - file8.pdf into my Repository server

my code thus far
using System.IO.Compression;
using(ZipArchive archive = ZipFile.OpenRead("mainfile_20170412.zip"))
   foreach(ZipArchiveEntry entry in archive.Entries)
        //how do i access firstChild.zip and secondChild.zip from here?


C# Forum Moderator
Staff member
Apr 23, 2011
Sydney, Australia
Programming Experience
You call the Open method of the ZipArchiveEntry to get a Stream and then you can treat it like any other Stream. For instance, if you want to extract the data and write it to a file then you can create a FileStream and then call CopyTo on your source Stream. If you want to upload the data to a remote server then you can use a WebRequest to get a Stream and CopyTo that.
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