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Need help on few step codes


New member
Jul 25, 2018
Programming Experience
Dear Friend's,

I am very beginner to C# world and request you all to support me with my issues.

Firstly I am currently working on xtrareports and have below mentioned 2 calculated fields. Unfortunately when a data in the form is edited the output does not change.

Function i have used:
Iif (IsNull([PurchaseRequisition_RequisitionLines.RequiredBy] ), ' Delivery Date not mentioned (Required by Date)',
Iif ([PurchaseRequisition_RequisitionLines.RequiredBy] <AddDays([RequisitionDate],10 ) , 'Required Date is less than Docement Lead time(10 days), Please Change the Required by Date'

1. I have 2 date fields, Created date and Required by date. System needs to check 2 conditions here.
a. If Required by date is blank it needs to print text "Cannot be blank".
b. If Required by date is lees than 7 days of Created date it needs to print text "Cannot be < lead time"

Hence need a function or code to achieve this task.
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