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Question Is there any function or way to find out the region or points, filled by AForge.PointedMeanFloodFill class?


Mar 6, 2019
Programming Experience
I'm using AForge library in a project and I want to fill the region with a color, position will be pointed by the user using a mouse on a shapes in the Picture Box control and how to get all filled points in the region or colored points.
I checked the Aforge docs and the class properties Aforge link I could not find anything.
using below code we can do flood fill on shapes but I would like to know all the filled points or at least filled region-rectangle.
Aforge code to flood fill:
// create filter

PointedMeanFloodFill filter = new PointedMeanFloodFill( );

// configre the filter

filter.Tolerance = Color.FromArgb( 150, 92, 92 );

filter.StartingPoint = new IntPoint( 150, 100 );

// apply the filter

filter.ApplyInPlace( image );

Can I get the rect positions of the filled region or at least filled points? after the flood fill?
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