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Recent content by Adrian_Williams

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    Question Building an Emoji App

    Hi There, I suggest you to go with PhoneGap or Xamarin. You can make cross plateform app by this. If you want to invest this is the best becuase you will get app in Android, IOS, Windows If you want to develop app by own. then PhoneGap is easy to learn. For Android Studio you must has...
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    .Net Team

    Hi Alex, How are you ? Do want to work on other technology like PHP, Magento, WordPress, CI, Yii, Android, IOS, PhoneGap, Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO,PPC) etc. I would love to work you as an extented arm. My hourly rate is Nominal. We can give good support to your client which want to...
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    Wire-frames concept in web designing

    Hi There, Let me try to explain him. If I take an Example to explain you. When we make a building, we need a design/Blueprint/Architectural plan then we make the pillars, wall etc. Similarly to develop a website we have to decide how many pages you want in a website and suppose in Homepage...
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    How to set up a website for offline work for multiple users

    Hi, I have some question for you:- 1. You are using raspberry pi 1 or raspberry pi 2 ? 2. I have done this with PHP. You want with .Net only ? 3. Can I get detailed desciption about your project ? 4. If you can share some images of the hardware. It will be great Regards Adrian S K Y P E...
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