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Thread: How to find highlighted text from Word file?

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    How to find highlighted text from Word file?

    I found this example in VBA to find highlighted text but is it possible to be done in C# without using ?

    Sub TestFind()
      Dim myRange As Range
      Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Content    '    search entire document
      With myRange.Find
        .Highlight = True
        Do While .Execute = True     '   loop while highlighted text is found
          Debug.Print myRange.Text   '   myRange is changed to contain the found text
      End With
    End Sub

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    If you want to work with DOCX files then you can use the Open XML SDK but if you want to work with DOC files then you don't have much choice but to use Office Automation. You may be able to find a third-party component that will do it but that would likely use Office Automation too and will not be free, whether it does or not.


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