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Thread: Maintain connected sockets across process restart

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    Maintain connected sockets across process restart


    A friend of mine has developed a software platform that is accessed over telnet. The program has the ability to restart itself when issued a command to load in new changes made to the code itself. When this happens, the connected sockets stay connected because they are passed to another process, and then back once the service has restarted.

    He looked at porting it to dotnet core but one of the issues is the DuplicateAndClose() function is removed, which is how this was accomplished before. We have been thus far unable to locate a suitable replacement of DuplicateAndClose to keep the connected clients alive across the service restart and I'm looking for advice from the community on how we may accomplish this. Any ideas or help is appreciated.

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    .NET source code is available publicly for you to read for yourself. You should r4ead the source code for that method to see how it is implemented and see whether you can do the same or similar yourself.

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