Proficiently extract raw or formatted text and metadata from your Microsoft Word, PDF, Text and OneNote documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations or Email and ZIP files by using the .NET text extractor API. Application developers can build a variety of apps in DotNet platform incorporating content extraction functionality with simple integration and seamless processing. Implement document parsing in your password-protected files, search text or regular expressions, obtain images, extract text areas and choose between standard or fast data extraction modes, GroupDocs.Parser for .NET offers feature rich solutions for all your document text extraction and parsing needs.

Below code snippet shows how to extract metadata from PDF documents:
// For complete examples and data files, please go to
//get file's path
String filePath = Common.getFilePath(fileName);
PdfMetadataExtractor extractor = new PdfMetadataExtractor();
MetadataCollection metadata = extractor.ExtractMetadata(filePath);
foreach (string key in metadata.Keys)
    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("{0} = {1}", key, metadata[key]));
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