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Thread: Coming back better and smarter, really need some help.

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    Coming back better and smarter, really need some help.


    My name is Paul and I've worked for about 5 years as a Software Developer. Currently I am not working in IT but would really like to come back again. It's been about 3 years since I worked as a Software Developer.

    What coding-skills do you think would be best to master to land a job as a Medium Software Developer? (Soft-skills are no problem and covered).

    I was thinking of building an application or multiple, that shows that I have mastered the following aspects:
    - S.O.L.I.D principles
    - Test Driven Development
    - Design Patterns
    - Data Structures & Algorithms
    - Error handling & defensive programming
    - Architecture
    - UML

    What do you guys think, any advice or comments are welcome.


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    I think a strong github profile will do the work.

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    Agreed with millie above - I browse job sites now and then, and a lot of programmer and programmer-related jobs will be interested in seeing what you've done in the past (or recently). If you've been out of the loop for some time, like myself, having a project, or projects, that demonstrate well-designed and functional code, will look good on an application. Many job postings even ask for links to your portfolio (aka: GitHub or similar).

    You could create a full app with what you mentioned in min; or you could create smaller, focused programs that demonstrate your knowledge of the language (ie: Create a UI that populates its fields from a CSV file and in your code, separate all the logic into layers like you would do in a MVVM or MVC design) - that way, you cut down on development time while still showing what you can do.

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