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Thread: Fastest Fill and Display for DataGridView

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    Fastest Fill and Display for DataGridView

    I am using VS 2015 with C#, and I am binding a DataGridView with a list from a SQL Server database. There are only a half-dozen records, but the grid still seems to display and show those records "sluggishly". My laptop has a lot of power, so I don't think that's the issue.

    Is there any particular way to fill and display a DataGridView so that it shows the quickest way possible?

    Thanks for recommendations in advance!

    Fort Myers, FL

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    Binding a DataTable should not be considered slow. Either you're doing something wrong or there's something wrong with your project or system. To rule out the first possibility, show us what you're actually doing. Also, tell us how long it actually takes. Use a Stopwatch to time it so that you are talking quantitatively rather than qualitatively.

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