Good Day Everyone,

Im busy making this small application for work to test a few things

I have the following code runs when a button is pressed

// Create the printer server and print queue objectsLocalPrintServer localPrintServer = new LocalPrintServer();
PrintQueue defaultPrintQueue = LocalPrintServer.GetDefaultPrintQueue();

// Call AddJob
PrintSystemJobInfo myPrintJob = defaultPrintQueue.AddJob("My Test Job");

// Write a Byte buffer to the JobStream and close the stream
Stream myStream = myPrintJob.JobStream;
Byte[] myByteBuffer = UnicodeEncoding.Unicode.GetBytes("Test Print Job");
myStream.Write(myByteBuffer, 0, myByteBuffer.Length);
It works as planned.


All i want to do now is to be able change the Owner from "Dean" to any user i need.
Or if there is any better way to send print jobs to a print server from any username.

Thank You